Premium Sit Stand Electric Table (Conset Denmark Make) Model 501-27


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 This is made by world famous Conset Denmark brand  .


This beautifully crafted innovative product is the most in-depth and current ergonomic height adjustable desk. Manufactured by ConSet Denmark  this product was created for those who know that working comfortly is healthy and promotes productivity. With this simple but sleek design this desk is ideal for home or office professionals, people with disabilities, and children to help with their everyday computing tasks.

*Note* (The motor for this desk is located on the outside)

This table allows the entire workstation to be raised and lowered easily and quickly at the touch of a button, offering a cost effective solution for sit stand or multiple-user workstations. The Triple Nested Column design ensures stability throughout the 26" range of adjustment. The frame height adjusts from 21" to 47" at 1.2" per second with a lift capacity of 220 lb. The Anti-Squeeze Protection System will automatically engage if the resistance increases noticeably while the table top is moving down. (Note: it is important to add the thickness of the table top to the frame height to determine the final working height.)

The 2-leg frame is the most popular table shape for most users, and comes in widths 32 7/8" wide to 67 3/4" wide

    • Height Range: 21-1/4" to 46-7/8"
    • Width Options: 84 cm (32-7/8") / 129 cm (50-7/8") / 144 cm (56-11/16") / 152 cm (59-13/16")
    • Depth (Feet): 22-1/16"
    • Depth (Table Supports): 17-11/16"
    • Width (Feet): 2-15/16"
    • Width (Top of Legs): 2-3/16"
    • Rate of Height Adjustment: 1.2" (32 mm) / second
    • Maximum Load: 220 lbs (100 kg)
    • Frame Materials (Visible): Powder Coated Steel
    • Frame Materials (Hidden): Surface Treated or Plated Steel
    • Voltage: 100-240 VAC / 50/60 Hz
    • Active Power Consumption: 80 Watts
    • Active Power Consumption: Less than 1 Watt
    • RoHS Compliant?: Yes
    • CE Certified?: Yes
    • Automatic Safety Stop / Anti-Squeeze Protection System?: Yes
    • Top Bracket Removable?: Yes
    • Warranty: Motor (2 years), 

Below are Wooden Top sizes possible  (click here for wooden--->  colour  options)


Please call us for any table tops that you don't see here.  

  • Size                                                                                                            Model
  • 42” W x 24” D  42-24
    48'' W x 24'' D  48-24
    60'' W x 24'' D  60-24
    72'' W x 24'' D  72-24
    42'' W x 30''  42-30
    48'' W x 30'' D  48-30
    60'' W x 30'' D 60-30
    66'' W x 30'' D  66-30
    72'' W x 30'' D  72-30
    84'' W x 30'' D  84-30
Ergonomic Benefits
Multiple Working Postures - This electric height-adjustable frames enable users to sit, lean or stand during their daily work. Transitioning between these positions encourages greater activity in the work place, bringing associated health benefits as workers are able to move away from a completely sedentary environment.

Infinitely Adjustable, Effortless Height Adjustment - The base provides infinite adjustment of height from 21 1/4" to 46 7/8", allowing users to quickly and precisely adjust the height of the worksurface to the optimal height for the desired workstation configuration (sitting, standing, or anything in-between).

No Need to Reduce Size of Worksurface - Purchasing a complete desk solution allows the user to keep their existing desk size; in many cases they can even re-use their current desk top with the purchase of the base alone. (Most other solutions force users to compromise: to achieve adjustability they must introduce add-on products—which are generally more limited in size—and give up available work surface.)

Accommodates Nearly All Users - The range of adjustment is sufficient to accommodate even very tall individuals, sitting or standing, up to 6' 4".
  • Attractive Modern Styling: The slim legs have contemporary styling and are powder coated in an attractive Silver or Black.
  • Supports Wide Range of Tops: This base will support most standard and custom tops anywhere from 18" to 36" in depth. By adding the extender leg option on one side, table tops with return sides of up to 48" can be used.
  • Dual Safety Switch: There are two switches (one activation switch and one toggle switch) which must be depressed simultaneously to adjust the height. This design ensures that any change in height requires a conscious action by the operator. Accidental triggering of the height adjustment mechanism cannot occur if only one switch is activated.
  • Anti-Squeeze Safety Feature: If the table top meets an obstacle while moving downward, the desk frame will stop. The pressure given before stopping is equal to the weight of the table top and the items placed on it.
  • Triple Nesting Columns: The nested telescoping legs provide over 25.5" of height adjustment with minimal effect on stability even when at maximum height.
  • Adjustable Feet: The base includes adjustable feet which can be adjusted to ensure the base is level and to compensate for imperfections of the floor.


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