Heavy duty (with Bosch motor & 150 kg Weight Capacity) Electric table (Denmark Make ) 501-11


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Heavy duty workhorse made with Bosch (Germany ) motor which features a Bosch motor to provide ultimate reliability.

This is made by world famous Conset Denmark brand  .

Why Buy This:

Powered by a robust Bosch motor integrated into the table leg, the Conset Heavy Duty Frame delivers 150kg of synchronised lift capacity. This synchronisation means the desk remains 100% level during and after height adjustment, and also that the frame can lift 150kg, no matter where on the desk the burden is placed. Despite the load, the integrated motor operates smoothly and quietly, at a maximum speed of 25 mm/sec, using an energy saving design. Four levellers on each leg ensure the stability of the frame. Cable holes make provision for tidy cable management, and the integrated modesty panel provides extra strength, in an attractive lattice pattern. Finished in a Silver Powdercoat, the frame is 1560mm wide, making it suitable for a desktop of 1800 x 800mm.

Who Buys This:

With a considerable enhancement in lifting capacity over our standard height adjustable tables, the Conset Heavy Duty Frame is ideal for pro-users in applications such as financial trading and software development, where multiple monitors are on the desk. It is also popular for applications where firm stability is essential, such as working with microscopes or other scientific equipment.


The height adjusts from 24.8125" to 47.25" at a rate of 1.1" per second, with an impressive lift capacity of 330 lb(150 kg) . An attractive modesty panel is included, in addition to a full-width cable tray for superior cable management.

The unit is 77.37" wide and will support a wide variety of stock work surfaces, and will also work with most custom tops. The entire base is powder coated in an attractive silver or black colour


The lift motor is provided by BOSCH

This reliable gear motor is installed inside the desk frame column will provide years of service

Below are Wooden Top sizes possible  (click here for wooden--->  colour  options)

Please call us for any table tops that you don't see here.  



  • Size                                                                                                            Model
  • 42” W x 24” D  42-24
    48'' W x 24'' D  48-24
    60'' W x 24'' D  60-24
    72'' W x 24'' D  72-24
    42'' W x 30''  42-30
    48'' W x 30'' D  48-30
    60'' W x 30'' D 60-30
    66'' W x 30'' D  66-30
    72'' W x 30'' D  72-30
    84'' W x 30'' D  84-30
Height Range 630mm -1220mm
Lift Capacity 150kg
Useage Heavy Duty
Speed 28mm per sec
Actuator Single Leg Bosch Motor
Control Push Button
Finishes Silver / Black Paint Finish
Frames 116 / 156 / 196cm
Top Sizes as above
Designed in Denmark

 Special shape and colour tops will need extra time to manuafcture , contact us for details 


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